What Ever Happened to The Good Old British Cabby?

There was a time, not too long ago where London cabs were iconic, well, at least for Brits anyhow, but it wasn’t all to do with the cab, it was the entire experience, including the driver. It can feel like a large part of ‘good old’ British heritage has slowly been slipping away, along with one of the best parts of it;

The London cabby

The cabby, or, the driver, was always a proper character, somebody who had a handful of knowledge about the roads and streets and goings on in and around London that you just wouldn’t get anywhere else, in search of a cheaper cost, and a ‘lesser’ service many people have gravitated towards using various apps instead.

What did your mum tell you?

It’s a weird concept really, certainly considering that one of the first things a child is told ‘not to do’ is to speak with strangers. With strangers, come dangers and all that. Now, though, instead of using a reputable taxi company in Putney people are quite happy to jump in the back of any old motor with somebody the that they’ve never met before all because an ‘app’ confirms that it is safe to do so.

Moving with the times

Somebody’s likely saying, “oh come on Grandad, we’re not in the 80’s” anymore, and they’d be spot on, however, you quiz them about safety and street knowledge. Not a Scooby, that’s for sure. So, yes, it’s important to move with the times, equally though, it’s also important not to become too ‘convenient’ in oneself because, things start to suffer, such as, important life skills and, actually knowing a thing, or two.