Things To Know Before You Come To Everett, WA

There is no dearth of activities and adventure in Washington. With some of the best-known national parks, abundance of flora and fauna, and bustling cities with plenty of activities, Washington is truly a traveler’s delight. If you have been looking for an offbeat destination in the state, you should have Everett on your wish list. Here’s an overview before you visit.

Knowing Everett

From the maddening rush of Seattle, both Everett and Snohomish County are just an hour’s drive, so this could be a great getaway. If you are a fan of adventure, you will find endless hiking and other options to choose from, or you could stay at one of the casino hotels near Everett, WA, where you can enjoy the best of slot games, casino classics, while enjoying the escape. Traveling around enjoying the natural beauty of Snohomish County is worth the money spent.

What to see & do?

Everett has some nice resorts, so if you want to stay away from the crowd, you can spend a weekend at a casino resort, while exploring Snohomish County, which is also a great place for aviation enthusiasts. Consider visiting Boeing’s Future of Flight Aviation Center, for instance, where the famed 747-aircrafts are made. If you love arts and events, consider checking for the listings at Everett Performing Arts Center, and then there is the choice of gambling, which is quite fun in Snohomish County. In fact, for many travelers, this is a highlight. Don’t expect the Vegas experience, but a more personal one. For those are looking for wilderness, there are many things to see in Snohomish County, and you will find some amazing activities, especially hiking, to explore places that seem to be untouched even now. Adventure activities also include hot air balloon ride rides.

Tips for traveling

Always consider looking for resorts and stay options in advance. Everett is particularly busy all through the year, and for many people in Seattle, it is a getaway, which means that resorts are often booked for weekends. Also, check for packages, which may offer more value for money. For example, many casino resorts have these deals, which allows you to enjoy the stay, with credits to use their gambling arena and other services.

We also recommend that you don’t follow the book for traveling when it comes to Washington. Everett is quite enjoyable, when you are ready for long, often unplanned rides.