The Best New York Cities to Visit Besides NYC

When you’re heading to New York, everyone assumes you mean NYC: but there’s so much more to this state than just the Big Apple.  From the incredible islands to the largest waterfall in North America, there’s a lot to see in this vast and incredible state.

These are the best cities outside of New York City that you can visit in New York and why they’re such winners.

The Hamptons

Just a two-hour drive from the Big Apple, the Hamptons give you a chance to get away, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see.  The Hamptons are a group of upscale towns and cities and offer the chance to feel like you’re visiting a small town instead of an exclusive area.  This has recently been rated as the most expensive place to buy a home in the United States, with the average home selling for $8.5 million.   Although most of us can’t afford to live here, it’s fun to visit!


The fourth largest city in the state and gorgeously historic, there’s nothing like a trip to Syracuse.  This is fantastic for families and young singles because there are endless museums, art galleries, parks, and so much more.  This city’s history is visible in every brick and street, so it’s one that you’ll want to take your time as you explore.  In the winter, you can enjoy ice skating, and in the summer, you can take your time exploring the thousands of unique shops and eateries here.


One stop here, and you’ll start looking for Albany houses for sale!  Albany is a fantastic city that has a lot of personality, and so much to do and see.  As the capital of New York State, it’s full of museums and galleries that can introduce you to who the state really is.  Home to countless incredible colleges and fantastic history, this is a great space for any students or families to move.


If you want to be convinced why a Garbage Plate might just be the best dish ever: it’s time to head to Rochester.  This fantastic city is on the western side of New York and is often considered a mini version of NYC.  Rochester is home to landmarks like Susan B. Anthony’s home, countless museums, and gorgeous waterfalls that will take your breath away.  Visiting here is an experience that will make you consider moving in, so you never have to leave.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most famous landmarks in the world, with people traveling from around the world to stand in its mist and experience it firsthand.  Although Niagara is a tiny town, it has a lot of fun spirit and energy, making it a thrilling place to stop and enjoy the local small stores and restaurants and the fun tourist-town vibes.  This is a stop that’s as refreshing as it is memorable.

New York is so Much More Than the Big Apple

Although NYC may be the most popular city in the state: it’s not the only one here!  Get to know the rest of New York City and enjoy how much it has to offer.