Teenage Summer Holidays Are Made for Expedition Study Tours

We all know that teenagers can quickly get into mischief if not monitored to some degree and with almost 10 weeks of holiday in the summer, there are lots of opportunities to introduce your son or daughter to new things. Expedition tours are designed around the students, will many sports covered, while every course is sustainable, thanks to green awareness.

Sustainable Travel

While we should all strive to reduce our carbon footprint, it is critical that up and coming generations fully understand climate change and the many ways that we can help.

Sustainable expedition tours would:

  • Measure the precise footprint of the trip.
  • Brainstorm ways to further reduce emissions.
  • Plant trees at every destination.

The students come away with an awareness they never had before and this should lead to actively doing what is right regarding the environment.

Developing Leadership

If your son or daughter has leadership qualities, one of the student tours in the UK would surely flush them out. The students are given a lot of freedom and with that comes responsibility, which is character-building, empowering the learner in so many ways. The facilitators have years of hands-on experience in guiding the groups in such a way as to allow them to blossom and shine and those who wish to take the lead are always encouraged to do so.

Foreign Trips

Whether for sport or as a culture experience, foreign trips bring a new perspective to young minds and the students can compare their own culture with others, which is important at a young age.

European tours include:

  • France & Belgium
  • Spain & Portugal
  • Serbia
  • Italy/Greece
  • Norway
  • Balkan Region

New Zealand is a popular for Australian students, where there are many eco projects on the go, plus the Kiwi culture is something to behold. If your son or daughter has a preference, there will be many study tours to choose from.

The summer of 2023 will soon be upon us and if you want to give your kids a challenging and rewarding experience either here in the UK or abroad, search online for expedition tours and make your son or daughter’s day!

Sports Oriented

If your child has sporting talent and you wish for them to develop to their fullest potential, send them on a sports tour and let the experts provide guidance and tuition. Soccer is obviously a popular sport and regardless of ability level, the students learn more about the craft and develop as players.

Talk to your kids and we’re sure they will be delighted with such an opportunity!