Swimming with Seals at Narooma Bay. A Unique Experience

Just imagine yourself snorkelling in Montague Island’s crystal-clear shallow bay, marvelling at the cheeky playful Seals!

What a way to get away from the norm of everyday life or the hustle and bustle of work.

Whilst looking at different activities available from Narooma bay Australia we couldn’t help but notice that one of the most sought after is snorkelling with seals off of the Montague Islands coast. The bay offers some breath-taking natural beauty and wildlife as well as the chance to actually swim with seals!

What’s more is that the coastline off Bermagui is absolutely stunning, even more amazing is that the locals see the opportunity to show off Montague Island as an honour. Montague Island is situated in the Batemans Marine Park, in the shadow of Gulaga Mountain, and is a nature lover’s paradise.

Thousands of seabirds nest there each year, including an Australian and a New Zealand Fur Seal colony, Little Penguin colonies, Grey Nurse Shark breeding grounds, and an Australian and a New Zealand Fur Seal colony. It is rich in history and has a special cultural significance for the local Aboriginal people. The waters between Bermagui and Montague are teeming with wildlife, including dolphins and seals all year and whales from May to November.

How cool does that sound?

We were so intrigued to find out more that we put some key points together after searching ‘seal swimming in narooma’ which may help you when choosing a company to go with. Here are some things to consider.

  • Make sure the tour guide that you choose offers the equipment needed at no extra cost. You should get snorkelling equipment and wetsuit.
  • Check out the type of trip or package that you want, we found some packages include things like snacks and refreshments whereas others do not. We noticed some offer a combo or package deal where you can experience the snorkelling and Montague Island for a reduced price.
  • Make sure to choose the tour guide that feels right for you, perhaps check out their website to get a feel for what they are about when it comes to values and goals. The wrong guide or company could have an impact on your day.
  • Ensure that the guide offers instruction for newbies. If you have never been snorkelling before you may need some initial assistance.

Whichever options you choose the thought alone is an awesome one so we can only imagine how amazing it will be to experience this opportunity in person.

Hopefully our research has helped when making your decisions. Have a wonderful trip!