Five Awesome Reasons to Bring your Child to Granby Zoo

If you are like other parents, you will want to spend a hundred dollar on a day of family fun. But, you have to choose a place that will let your child create experiences. If you are currently staying in Granby, the zoo Granby should be one of the places you should take your child to. Here’s why:

It Lets your Child Interact with Animals

At Granby Zoo, children can get licked by all types of animals in their various zones. They can feed nectar to a tropical bird perched on their hand, chat with a kangaroo, or pet a ray fish. Such interaction is something that your child can only experience at the great zoo.

The Zoo Has Picnic Table and Restroom Within Eyesight

Granby Zoo is designed with parental necessity in mind. Regardless of where your child has their meltdown or accident, you can always find a picnic table and restroom within eyesight.

It is Well-Kept and Clean

Keeping up with the volume of visitors that come through the parks requires a serious effort in sanitation. The water park in the zoo is the real test. When your child wants to get wet, you can rent a locker and hit the water and the pavement barefoot without worrying about bacteria.

It Makes It Easy to Know about Animals

Granby Zoo puts plenty of effort into making it easy and cool to know about the animals. Your child will be able to see the animal in action and learn about them. There is much information at the zoo and many artifacts that even children with an average attention span can stay engaged from start to end.

It Gives Value to your Money

At Granby Zoo, there is more for you and your child to see and do. It has a lazy river kind of ride that includes tubing through shallow water which weaves around the park. The tubes are free here. The zoo has designed a single rate that includes all activities including access to the amusement park. The entrance price will let you access the majority of rides; however, you can try others as you pick up a coupon book. Because the majority of visitors cannot see and do everything at the zoo in one day, the zoo offers a two-day pass that lets visitors extend their visit and take advantage of the zoo, the amusement park, and the water park.