5 Reasons You Should Camp at Magnolia Fields RV Park

Magnolia fields RV Park is operated by Accessible Housing Technologies and is a wonderful place for anyone to visit. One of the best parts about this park is that it has a very large selection of recreational vehicles. You will be able to find a camper for every type of trip you have. Here you will also find great RV parks with easy access to shopping malls and restaurants.

Reasons you should camp at Magnolia fields RV park.

  • Magnolia fields RV Park is a fun place to visit with a lot of activities onsite. They offer canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, swimming, boating, and jet skiing. There are even opportunities to take advantage of their campgrounds.
  • Each campground offers many different services for campers such as clean-up, playgrounds, showers and more.
  • A campground at this park is very family oriented. They have a very clean site that has lots of space to let your camper’s enjoy being outside. There are playgrounds and places for the kids to run around, along with many other activities for adults to do.
  • The park has a very large parking lot so there is no worry about finding a place to park. It’s not very close to any of the stores in town, so you won’t be spending much time trying to find a place to eat.

The rest of the grounds is well cared for by professionals who really care about the camper’s comfort. All of the amenities are very comfortable including large bathrooms, cots, and even handicap accessible restrooms.

Camping at Magnolia fields is extremely affordable. This park has all of the amenities of a top RV park without paying a fortune for it. They charge a very low rate for camping but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some special deals going on. The prices go even lower if you buy a hotel package deal instead of just the camping area itself. Even if you just want to take a day trip, there are plenty of places for that.

There is also a town nearby called Ellijay. You can check out the beautiful Ellijay historic district before you leave. It’s a great place to visit and if you like history, this is the perfect place for a campsite. It’s near the coast, so there are some amazing beaches to view as you enjoy your stay at the park. You can see the beautiful beaches as well as the historic areas.