4 Top Things You Should Do When in Poland

Poland never ceases to surprise you. There are cities like Krakow, Gdansk and Warsaw that are loaded with treasures and the urban centers are loaded with wooded forests, craggy mountains and amazing waterways waiting to be explored. If your idea is to tipple or two of the national drink of Poland or to get lost in the historical realms or to discover wildlife in the little rustic countryside, then let this article be your guide when you visit Poland.

  1. Be at Auschwitz-Birkenau

The German Army in WWII sadly transformed Poland into a killing field in the brutal genocide committed against the Jews and other groups like Polish resisters and Roma people as well. The most heinous was the extermination camps at Auswitch-Birkenau, which is now a memorial as well as a museum situated in the town of Oświęcim. There were more than a million people being imprisoned, enslaved and killed during those 4 years. Most part of the camp was preserved like it was during the war, letting the visitors to learn, reflect and resolve that this event may never happen again. This tour is quite heavy and important and may leave your head hurting and heart aching.

  1. Be mesmerized by Krakow

Krakow is a city of mesmerizing architecture, delicious cuisines and offers an atmosphere beyond compare. Visit the Old Town, the Jewish Quarter called Kazimierz and the Krakow Ghetto. Then visit the one and only physical wartime destruction of the entire country, the main square, the Rynek Główny. It is the largest medieval town square of Europe that survived. The wounds of Krakow still remain, but the scars are reflected in the monuments and memorials all over.

  1. Do like the Poles do in the urban centers

Explore the culture of Poland urban centers and the daily lives of its people. The vast green spaces, plenty of restaurants and ridesharing options will appal you. Set yourself free and have some fun like the local Poles. If you are in Warsaw, attend a free Chopin Concert organized at Royal Łazienki Park on Sundays in summers, or walk down the Vistula riverside to have beverages. You can also go clubbing at Poznań, Wrocław or Kraków’s Kazimierz district. The locals love to party.

  1. Visit Warsaw

The places harbors world class museums on a history that impacts us all. The Warsaw Rising Museum offers an amazing portrayal of events surrounding the city heinous uprising in WWII.