4 Great Things to Do in Phuket

If you have Thailand in your sights for this year’s holiday destination, you certainly won’t be alone, as millions of tourists have exactly the same idea. This amazing nation is the jewel of South East Asia and the far south holds much for the traveler. The Andaman Sea is one of the last remaining tropical paradise waters that have not been developed and you can enjoy dolphins and even swim with whale sharks.

Here is our list of attractions to include in your holiday schedule.

  1. Elephant Sanctuary – These majestic and gentle creatures are an endangered species and if you would like a close-up experience with elephants, the Elephant Sanctuary awaits! The elephant is a symbol of Siam and as they are no longer used for heavy work, you can participate in feeding and bathing in their natural habitat. You can book online for a truly unique experience that will remain etched in your memory. You can even experience a ‘trunk hug’, which is the elephant’s way of saying ‘I love you’.
  2. Phi Phi Islands – No trip to Phuket would be complete without a visit to Phi Phi Islands. Take a day trip on a speedboat and be whisked off to paradise and enjoy snorkeling over stunning coral reefs. The marine life is awesome and after a buffet lunch, you can return to the underwater world for a couple more hours, then the boat takes you back to the mainland. Book online from your 4-star hotel in Phuket and get ready for the most amazing experience.
  3. Jet Ski Tour – Not for the faint of heart, join a group and explore 7 tropical islands, while your guide tells you about the history of this beautiful region. State of the art jet skis are provided and you have the choice of riding or pillion, which means you can take photos as you experience the clear blue waters, which are rich in marine life.
  4. Night Cave Kayaking– There are stunning caves in Phang Nga Bay and you can experience the wonders of night time kayaking. The limestone sea caves really are out of this world and the kayak is piloted by an experienced guide who takes you through an arcade of stunning natural creations with special illumination.

All covid restrictions are due to be lifted in June and now is the perfect time to book your accommodation and start looking at day trips.