Regulations on Tourist Board under the Mayor of Kharkiv

1. Tourist Board patronized by the Kharkiv mayor (hereinafter – the Board) is a permanent advisory body established by the Mayor to promote the development of tourism and tourist infrastructure of the city of Kharkiv, corresponding to modern trends and status of the city.
2. The Board is guided by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, acts of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, decisions of the Kharkiv City Council and its Executive Committee, by the Mayor’s prescripts, and by the other legal acts and these Regulations.
3. The main tasks of the Board are:
3.1. To analyze and generalize of problems those hinder the development of tourism and tourist infrastructure of Kharkiv.
3.2. To design proposals, projects, programs to stimulate tourism development of Kharkiv.
3.3. To form the common position of local authorities and enterprises of the tourism industry according to the ways of the tourism industry development and improvement.
3.4. To process on proposals, projects and programs received from executive bodies of Kharkiv City Council, enterprises, research organizations, residents, etc., to promote tourism and related industries of Kharkiv city.
3.5. To initiate proposals, projects and programs aimed at developing the tourism industry of Kharkiv.

4. The Board has a right to:
4.1. To receive information, documents and materials necessary to perform assigned tasks according to the established procedure of executive bodies of Kharkiv City Council, public authorities, enterprises, institutions, organizations.
4.2. To involve employees of the executive bodies of Kharkiv City Council, enterprises, institutions and organizations (with the consent of their heads), the public and independent experts, scientists and experts.
4.3. To create permanent and temporary working groups.
4.4. To organize conferences, seminars, business forums, meetings, etc.

5. Membership of the Board is appointed by the order of the mayor of Kharkiv.
5.1. Changes to the membership of the Board are carried out by the order of Kharkiv mayor on the submission of the Chairman of the Board.

6. The Board is approved if there are the Chairman, deputy (deputies) of the Chairman, the Secretary and members of the Board.
6.1. Members of the Board are the deputy mayor, officials of the executive authorities and local authorities, members of City Council, managers or other authorized representatives of enterprises regardless of ownership, representatives of specialized high schools (universities).
6.2. The Board may include experts in tourism, science, education, culture and other spheres of public life.

7. The Chairman of the Board:
7.1. Organizes the activity of the Board.
7.2. Convenes meetings.
7.3. Presides at the meetings of the Board.
7.4. Approves the agenda of meetings of the Board.
7.5. Provides the Kharkiv Mayor with the materials and documents related with the activities of the Board.
7.6. Informs Kharkiv Mayor on the implementation of his orders, and the activities of the Board.
7.7. Performs other functions of management of the Board.
7.8. In case of absence of the chairman his duties performs the deputy chairman of the Board.

8. Secretary of the Board carries out ongoing organizational work of the Board:
8.1. Generates the agenda for Board meetings.
8.2. Provides preparation of materials for consideration at the meetings of the Board.
8.3. Performs other duties on behalf of the Chairman of the Board.

9. Members of the Board choose among its members of up to 10 people of the Presidium.
9.1. The work of the Presidium is carried out the Regulation, which are approved by the Board.
9.2. the Board’s Presidium develops plans for the Board’s activity, prepares draft of Board’s decisions projects, performs other duties in accordance with Regulation of the Presidium of the Board.

10. Members of the Board:
10.1. Submit proposals on the agenda of meetings of the Board.
10.2. Participate in the discussion of the issues considered at the meetings of the Board.
10.3. On behalf of the Board or Chairman of the Board they are engaged in activities of working groups.
10.4. Inform the public about the activities of the Board, about its adopted decision, their work of the Board.
10.5. Members of the Board participate in the work of the Board and vote personally.

11. If necessary to consider the narrow branch of the Board’s activity, working groups can be established from the members of the Board.
11.1.The members of the working group, its leader, the range of issues discussed by a group, and rules of procedure are determined by the Chairman of the Board after discussions with the current members of the Board at the meeting.

12. The Chairman of the Board, deputy (deputies) of the Chairman, secretary and members of the Board work on a voluntary basis.

13. Experts, including employees of state agencies, local governments and foreign experts may be invited and participate in the meetings of the Board.

14. The main organizational form of the Board’s activity is the meeting, which should be held at least once a half year.
14.1. Meetings of the Board shall be convened by the Chairman of the Board, and in a case of his absence – by the Deputy Chairman.
14.2. If necessary, at the initiative of Chairman of the Board or 2/3 of members of the Board or the mayor of Kharkiv may be convened an extraordinary meeting of the Board.
14.3. Meeting of the Board is considered valid if it is attended by the majority of its members.
14.4. The decisions of the Board are adopted by the open vote by simple majority of its members present at the meeting.
14.5. In case of equality of votes the deciding vote is for the Chairman of the Board.
14.6. The decisions of the Board are adopted in the form of protocols signed by the Chairman of the Board and in the case of his absence – by the Deputy Chairman.
14.7. The decisions of the Board have an advisory nature and can be implemented through appropriate administrative acts of the Mayor and the Executive Committee of Kharkiv City Council.
14.8. The decisions of the Board (except of decisions on procedural issues) are sent to Kharkiv Mayor.

15. The Board has a form with its name.

16. Organizational and technical support of the Board’s activities are undertaken by the Department of International Cooperation of Kharkiv City Council together with the municipal enterprise “Center for development of international cooperation”.