Night life

Nightlife is extremely popular nowadays. Dancing until the morning, fashionable music, the cheerful company of friends – this is the type of vacation that attracts active people. There are many clubs that offer exciting entertainment. This theme parties, as well as competitive programs, with the conducting prizes. There are very popular performances of famous signers in the clubs. But nightclubs offer its visitors not only the show programs. For those, who prefer to spend their time without dancing, they offer karaoke, billiards, the ability to occupy the separate rooms for companies. All these services are very interesting for active young people and adults, who like to spend time outside the home and have fun with style. All night clubs of Kharkiv set quite affordable entry prices. Therefore, to visit the famous performances of an artist or thematic party can everyone – from student to director. However, entertainment is often enabling the preferential passage of students or other visitors of the dress parties, if they come in costume. radmir


Address: Харьков, ул. Академика Павлова, 271

Tel.: 063 274 64 02, 066 118 44 33

Web site:



Address: ул. Клочковская, 192-А

Tel.: (057)7581702

Web site:


Panorama Lounge Address: пер. Костюринский, 2

Tel.: (057) 731-10-02

Web site:


Arizona Club

Address: Харьков, Алексеевский лугопарк

Tel.: 057 788 16 18, 050 364 16 18

Web site:


Art-club “Korova”

Address: ул. Петровского, 37 (торговый центр “Куб”)

Tel.: (057) 714-16-11


Web site:



Addressа: пр. 50 лет ВЛКСМ, 56

Tel.: (057) 714-07-38


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ZHARA club

Address: ул. Плехановская, 134А, парк им. Артема

Tel.: (057) 392-11-37