International Airport “Kharkiv”

image00Airport was opened after renovation in 2010, it has the entire necessary infrastructure to meet international security standards and the level of services required. It is able to take aircraft such as Boeing-737 and A-320. In the area adjacent to the airport, the paid parking is located. Kharkiv airport carries out flights in such directions (direct flights):
  • Warsaw
  • Kutaisi
  • Tel Aviv
  • Ivano-Frankovsk
  • Minsk
  • Sharm El Sheikh
  • Kiev
  • Saloniki
  • Kittilä
  • Istanbul

Railway Station Kharkiv-Passengers


Railway Station Kharkiv-Passengers

Kharkiv railway service is a modern transport and passenger terminal with the new terminal, comfortable parking lot nearby. The updated rolling stock can serve up to 60 ths. passengers per day, including people with disabilities. Connection between Kharkiv, Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk is provided via high-speed express train with high comfort.

Station Information Bureau (24 hours) 15-05, (057) 724-37-17
The attendant at the station (24 hours) (057) 724-20-76
Service center (057) 724-37-84

Urban transport


Bus Station #1 (22, Gagarina Av.) (057) 732-65-02
Bus Station #1 Information Bureau (057) 732-65-04
Station Information Bureau of Autolux Buses (057) 736-01-49


Municipal Enterprise “Kharkiv Underground” is created to satisfy the population’s need in safe transportation by the use of Underground’s lines; to satisfy social and personal needs through the systematic performance of industrial, scientific-research, trade, any other like entrepreneurial and  nonprofit economic activity. The Underground in Kharkiv was opened on August 23, 1975. Nowadays there are 29 lines, the length of which is 28.1 km; passenger traffic is around 800 ths. people per day. There are 3 lines on different city’s directions: Kholodnogirsko-zavodska line, Saltovska line, Oleksiivska line. The language of stations’ names announcement is Ukrainian, but there are bilingual signs (in Ukrainian and in English) on every station and in the wagons of underground. The cost of one-way ticket is 3 UAH. метро Address: Municipal Enterprise “Kharkiv Underground”, 61052, Kharkiv, 29 Rozhdestvenska Street.
Directory-inquiry service (057) 730-31-66
The room of forgotten stuff (057) 730-35-35
Duty officer (057) 730-35-22
Duty officer of fire prevention (057) 730-37-17