Famous scientist and cultural artists

Skovoroda Hryhorii (1722–1794) was a Ukrainian philosopher, poet, teacher of XVIII century. Ten years he taught at the Kharkiv Collegium. The Kharkiv Pedagogical Institute was named in his honor. The monument is near the wall of Pokrovsky monastery.

Karazin Vasily (1773-1842) — was a Russian scientist and public figure at the beginning of the XIX century, the founder of Kharkiv Imperial University (1805). He is the founder of The Ministry of National Education in Russian Empire. Kharkiv University and a street now bear his name. The monument of Karazin (1905) is now before the main entrance to the university.

Kvitka-Osnovyanenko Hryhory (1778–1843) — was a Ukrainian writer and playwright of the middle of XIX century, the author of the book “Pan Halyavsky” and the play Shelmenko-batman (film). He lived on his estate Osnova, from where he took his surname

Danilevsky Grigory (1829-1890) – was a Russian writer of historical novels, called “Russian Cooper,” the author of the books “The will,” “Princess Tarakanova.” His family estate was Danylivka of Iziumsky County.

Nobel Laureates

kuz Kuznets Simon  (1901-1985) – an American economist and Nobel Prize winner in economics in 1971, graduated from high school in Kharkiv, 2 years studied at the University, and until 1922 worked in the statistical office in Kharkiv. land Landau Lev (1908-1968) – Soviet physicist, nuclear physicist, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1946), winner of the Nobel Prize, Lenin Prize and three Stalin Prizes, Hero of Socialist Labor, member of the Academy of Sciences of the different countries. The employee at UPTI in 1930 mech Mechnikov Ilya (1810-1878) – the famous Russian and French physiologist second half of the 19th and beginning of the XX century, the Nobel Prize winner . A graduate of the Kharkiv gymnasium with a gold medal (1862), for two years he graduated from Kharkiv University (1864). The Research Institute for Vaccines on the Pushkinskaya street bear his name, in front of which is his monument



Bondarenko Ekaterina – Ukrainian tennis player. The winner of the 2004 Junior Wimbledon and Australian Open 2008 adult.


Klochkova Yana – Ukrainian swimmer, she won five Olympic medals, including four times “gold”. The participant of the three summer Olympics: 2000, 2004, 2008.