The Minor Southern Railway

Children’s Small Southern Railroad was opened in 1940. Its total length is 3.6 kilometers. The train goes to the station “Park” up to station “Forest” with a stop at the station “Memorial”.
Children Southern Railway is a modern educational center where pupils can learn the basics of the main professions of railway (locomotive engineer, controller, supervisor, conductor, etc.).

The building of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (64, Sums’ka St.)

image034The monumental 6-storey building was erected in 1954 for the Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine in a similar style with the hotel “Kharkiv” by architects V. Kostenko and V. Orekhov. In 2004 the monument of E. Shcherbinina – the first governor of Kharkiv was established at the main entrance to the building of Kharkiv regional state administration.

House of the State Industry (Gosprom, Derzhprom) (Svobody sq., 5)

image032 The Derzhprom building was erected in 1925-1928 years due to the project of Leningrad architects S. Serafymova, S. Kravets, M. Felhera. Creation of the first Soviet concrete frame structure of skyscraper was a landmark event in the life of the capital city Kharkiv.  It initiated the formation of the architectural complex of Freedom Square. The building is a good example of planning of administrative offices, which are situated there today.

Freedom Square

image031 Freedom Square is one of the largest squares in the world, it takes almost 12 hectares. It is a place of mass celebrations, local festivals, fairs and exhibitions. The biggest fan zone was here during Euro 2012. Unique architectural ensemble of the area is well known far outside Ukraine. It was created in 20-30 years of the 20th century and style is known as constructivism.